The two-part “Cease & Desist” story-arc comes to a close with today’s comic. I want to thank all of our readers that checked in regularly with Hero Happy Hour over to follow the adventures of The Hideout Regulars as they clashed with Chaotech over control of Rusty’s Hideout Bar & Grill. I also want to thank Chris Barker who handled the color chores on both parts of the “Cease & Desist” story-arc, and handled the two different styles of Part 1 artist Grant Perkins and Part 2 artist, and Hero Happy Hour co-creator, Chris Fason.

We’ve got a few new things on tap before we begin with the new regular story-arc featuring art by Gavin Spencer. And, as to the tease — Coming Soon… Hero Happy Hour: On The Rocks — we’ll have more information regarding that soon.