CHRIS: When I was in college, every Tuesday the Birmingham Zoo had $1.00 admission. So, my whole animation class would go to the zoo to draw animals. Rhinos were and still are one of my favorite animal to draw and this definitely isn’t the first time I’ve drawn an anthropomorphic rhinoceros. I <3 Ramses.

DAN: Ramses, a.k.a. Rhinotaur, is the bouncer for the Hideout Bar & Grill. Ramses actually started out as Hero Happy Hour Presents: Rhinotaur, a NPC (that’s non-player character) supplement for the ICONS: Superpowered Roleplaying. (Yes, ladies… Not only am I into comics, but I dig roleplaying games, too. Sorry, I’m taken.) As a side project for my little (and currently neglected) roleplaying game publishing imprint Rhinotaur, I created supplements for the super hero roleplaying games ICONS, and Mutants & Masterminds. I thought that it would be cool to feature a character that was a super powered anthropomorphic rhinoceros that featured the same name as the RPG publishing imprint. Shortly thereafter he appeared in the Hero Happy Hour webcomic. His first appearance being in “Cease & Desist” Part 2 webcomic. Since then, he has become a favorite.

CHRIS: For the record, the Fason is single. Bring it, ladies!

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