2012, believe it or not, is the tenth anniversary of (Super) Hero Happy Hour. This is a realization that just dawned on me when I recently discovered a stash of original copies of the very first issue of (Super) Hero Happy Hour that Chris Fason and I published under the GeekPunk banner.

This discovered stash of (Super) Hero Happy Hour #1 comics also happen to all be signed by the cover artist, Scott Morse — who was gracious enough to help out two unknown comic book creators taking their first plunge into the self-publishing pond.

We’re offering a limited number of these Scott Morse (Soulwind, Magic Pickle) signed (Super) Hero Happy Hour #1 for sale to help cover the costs of running the Hero Happy Hour webcomic at herohappyhour.com. This is your chance to own a piece of comic book history — the very comic that prompted the two much bigger comic book publishers to sic lawyers on a small independent self-publisher for using the term “super hero” in the title of their one-and-only comic book.

The asking price is $10.00 a near-mint copy of (Super) Hero Happy Hour #1 (in bag with board), postage paid. (Written by Dan Taylor, art by Chris Fason, cover by Scott Morse. 40-pages b/w.)Sure, you might be able to find it for much less on eBay, or in the dollar bin of your local comic book shop, but it won’t be signed by artist Scott Morse. And, this way you can help keep Hero Happy Hour going. If you’d like to purchase a copy (or two, or three, etc…) please send an email to geekpunkdan@gmail.com for more info. Click the pic to the left for a larger image to see an example of what you’ll get.

Hell, if you want, I (meaning Dan Taylor) will sign it as well. Thanks for the support.