The holiday season is busy for everyone, including the Hero Happy Hour hideout team. Besides the regular Hero Happy Hour webcomic that’s currently being written by yours truly (Dan Taylor) and illustrated by Gavin Spence, there’s additional Hero Happy Hour activity going on behind the scenes with artist and co-creator Chris Fason.

To add to the equation, the Kickstarter project campaign for Renfield and Igor Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is coming to a close in four days — December 19th at 11:59AM PST. (Why did I have the Kickstarter campaign end on my birthday? Talk about making or breaking what should be a stress free day.) If for some reason you’re not familiar yet with Renfield and Igor Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, it is a new comic book project that artist Gavin Spence and I are hoping to produce and publish that mixes humor with horror. We appreciate all of the support we’ve garnished so far for the Kickstarter project, but as it looks now, we’re going to be hard pressed to meet our goal pledge-wise.

So, if you’re a fan of Hero Happy Hour, (And, hopefully you are. Otherwise, why would you be here?) it would be much appreciated if you would consider backing the Renfield and Igor Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Kickstarter project. There’s additional information at the Renfield and Igor website as well. Thank you for your support for Hero Happy Hour. Thank you for your support for Renfield and Igor. And, happy holidays.